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You’re reading the premier of my monthly newsletter, brand new for 2017. As a year of growth, new opportunities, and creative expansion, I wanted to find a way to give a periodical update to my life as a creative professional.

My worklife comes off as pretty fast-paced, and often friends and colleagues are confused about the projects I’m on, much less what all I do! Since I have so many services, I wanted to provide a way for fans and clients to view new work, get a deeper look into special projects, and get inspired to create some content of their own. 

What each newsletter will include:

  • Exclusive content not viewable anywhere else. 
  • In-depth case studies that highlight a project I’ve completed recently.
  • A featured project that’s currently in-process.

In addition to these, I also want to inspire readers to create their own content. Whether or not you’re interested in photos or videos already, I want to help broaden the scope and help kickstart some ideas to produce projects that you may want to create— whether it’s for you, your family, your company, or a passion project of your own. Click here to submit your own project inquiry. Know someone that needs content? As part of the booking process, there’s also a field to drop in the name of who referred them— resulting in a discount on future purchases for you when the project is confirmed. 

With that, I want to kick off the month of February with some great content from the past year. Read on to see some photo sets, videos, and features on projects I’m thrilled to share with you. If you have feedback or want to connect and say hi, simply reply to this email.

Thanks again for supporting the arts and I hope you enjoy!


Inspired by what you've seen here?

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Photos shape a lot of the branded imagery for companies, but many lack the dynamic visuals represented in video. Whether you're launching a new product or outlining what makes you stand out from the rest-- a short video that covers what you do and who is behind the screen is key to defining the voice for your business. Videos come in many formats, including product demonstrations, testimonials, narratives, and lifestyle! The options for customization are endless, and videos can be tailored for individual, start-up, and corporate level budgets.

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On January 21st, millions came together in protest. In fear American civil liberties were in jeopardy due to the priorities set forth by the Trump administration, cities around the world gathered to defend the rights of women. As a photographer, it was important to document the hundreds of thousands that had gathered in Los Angeles. As a woman, it was my way of showing support, spreading the word, and using my artform to keep the spirit of the march alive. The photos from this set were (and are) available as a public download, shared in full resolution for any who wanted to see and share the content from that day.

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Over the past few years, I've made some amazing friends in my industry. Since moving to LA last spring, I've been able to spend more time with some of my favorite models, and recently began to them to my downtown studio for a special portrait session:

1 roll of 35mm film shot over 15 minutes.

With a limit of between 24-27 exposures, how we use each frame is incredibly important. Because of the widespread popularity of digital, most models have never seen what goes into shooting film. I invite each model to stay behind to watch the development process in action, after which they get to see their negatives in person.

This is a small sampling of some of the images created so far in this project.

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case study: THIS IS GROUND

After moving to LA, I reached out to a local leather goods brand, This Is Ground. Having a unique and high-quality product line that stood out from a lot of others, I was thrilled when the team offered to bring me on to produce some content for some upcoming campaigns. I partnered with the brand on four projects, including a feature on, their new MOD 3 product launch, a WeFunder fundraising video, and their biggest holiday campaign to date.

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Jumping back into writing the past few months has brought me around to a medium I've been privately obsessed with for over two decades. I  began with the following thinkpiece that dives into a not-so-pretty side of the world of freelancing, and how those in the industry must work together for communal survival.

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I was connected to the fun product line at Fifteen Twenty through Los Angeles-based agency, Vampped, for Miami Swim Week. A mix of resort and day-to-night pieces perfect for the cool city gal, we paired each campaign with its own fun backdrop: from poolside in Miami to downtown LA to the Venice boardwalk. Click through to see samples from our three projects from 2016!

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